StereoPressDV ReadMe
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Current version: 1.0-E (Feb. 11, 2000)

[ Abstruct ]

StereoPressDV helps you to make a stereo movie data from your pair of stereo movie. (This is "movie version" of the StereoPress that is my other application). It is an application for Power Macintosh.
Very easily, you can get stereo movie, that is an anaglyph stereo, color anaglyph stereo or interleave stereo format.
# Anaglyph stereo
You need a red and blue glasses.
# Interleave stereo
You need an interlace type video display and a LCS (Liquid crystal shutter) glasses.


System requirements

[ Download here ! ]

[ How to Use StereoPressDV ]

It's very easy !!

[ File Open ]
First, read two movie files. One for right eye and another for left eye. To open movie file, use <File>...<Open> menu. Or, drag and drop files to StereoPressDV application icon. (QuickTime movies are only supported "drag and drop".)

[ Make a stereo movie ]
Open <StereoMovie> pull-down menu, then select anyone below.
  • Make Anaglyph-Movie
  • Make Color anaglyph-Movie
  • Make Interleave-Movie
Then StereoPressDV application will make a stereo movie from movies in the front and second window.
When the case of anaglyph, the front window is right eye movie, and the second window is left eye movie. Your glasses should be set blue filter on for right eye, and red for left eye. This layout is used often.
When you use type of interleave, please test and choose for your LCS system.

[ Save a stereo image ]
You will soon see some dialogs.
  1. Frame size of movie
    Set width and height of your stereo movie.
  2. Compression
    Set compression.
  3. Set file path and name
    Set the movie file name.
  4. Completion
    You will soon see progress bar dialog. After a few or some minites, the process will be finished. You will have got a new movie file like below.
    (Notice ! : This new movie file does not contain any sound truck. If you wish more edition, please use other application for movie edit, for example "Final Cut Pro".)

[ About distribution ]

Under following conditions, this software can be distributed or uploaded freely, and not be restricted.
  1. Do NOT modify the copyright notice.
  2. The contents of original package (both objects and documents) should be redistributed.
  3. Distribute the newest version as possible (though no obligation) .
  4. There's no guarantee about troubles caused by the existence of this program or by using this program.
  5. The author will not have any obligations for modifying this program, if there happens some trouble.
Please message to me ... / Shuji Ono

[ History ]

1.0-E :
First delivery of English version. (2001/02/11)

Copyright ; 1996,2000 Shuji ONO (POO), All Rights Reserved.