LOGOPOO's NetAgent

Current version: 1.4d5 (Dec. 26, 1999)

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POO's NetAgent is a utility for Netscape Navigator. It makes you can visit automatically any WWW pages that you want .
It is a HyperCard stack, which control Netscape Navigator by AppleScript and navigates automatically Netscape Navigator according to a navigation schedule.


POO's NetAgent opens Web pages according to a navigation schedule. Also it checks which any pages are updated from your last visit. If any page is updated , POO's NetAgent will report it. POO's NetAgent is useful for the people who need to visit and check same Web pages everyday or in a fixed interval.

I wish you enjoy it !!

1.4d5X :
For MacOS8.6, some scripts by AppleScript are changed to by HyperTalk. This version needs HyperCard 2.3 or later. (2000/01/17)
1.4d5 :
Enbedding Y/M/D and numeric wild characters is supported. (1999/12/26)
1.4d4 :
The Cache Clear function is modified for OS8.5. (1999/04/13)

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