POO's CacheBack ReadMe
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Current version: 1.3b12 (Apr. 13, 1999)

[ Abstruct ]

POO's CacheBack is a utility for Netscape Navigator.
It is a HyperCard stack, which analyses the Cache folder of Netscape Navigator and gives the real name and location to each cache files.


I wish you enjoy it !!

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[ About distribution ]

Under following conditions, this software can be distributed or uploaded freely, and not be restricted.
  1. Do NOT modify the copyright notice.
  2. The contents of original package (both objects and documents) should be redistributed.
  3. Distribute the newest version as possible (though no obligation) .
  4. There's no guarantee about troubles caused by the existence of this program or by using this program.
  5. The author will not have any obligations for modifying this program, if there happens some trouble.

[ History ]

1.3b12X :
For MacOS8.6, some scripts by AppleScript are changed to by HyperTalk. This version needs HyperCard 2.3 or later. (2000/01/17)
1.3b12 :
A bug to occur when a tug "BASE HREF=" exists is fixed. (1999/04/13)
1.3b11 :
A minor bug is fixed. This version is availalbe for black/white monitor. (1998/10/14)
1.3b10 :
A bug to occur matching between a URL name and a File name is fixed. (1998/06/13)
1.3b9 :
When there is an unknown result file, 1.3b9 skips it. (1998/05/06)
1.3b8 :
A bug is fixed again that cacheback stops when it copys a search engine's result file. A result form is changed. (1998/05/03)
1.3b7 :
A bug is fixed that cacheback stops when it copys a search engine's result file. (1998/02/01)
1.3b5 :
A bug is fixed losting the "specified server" contents when this stack opens. (1997/11/03)
1.3b4 :
Some minor bugs are fixed that occur in 1.3b3 version up. (1997/10/29)
1.3b3 :
A new function is added that can localize a list of files in a directory made by www server. (1997/11/03)
1.3b2 :
A bug is fixed that hunging on NOFRAME tug pages sometimes. (1997/09/04)
1.3b1 :
The grouping under a frame pages, the set of charset in META HTTP S-JIS page, the multi divided history files is now supported. A frame format is supported as a cacheBack's report. Some bugs is fixed. (When process of "Copy ...", an error that say "File is not open" occur. It causes by a double description of title tug. This error is now fixed. ) ) (1997/08/28)
1.2g :
The coverting to SJIS is now selectable (for using 2 byte code except of Japanese). The converting absolutely src link to relative link (on the fully and simple mode). (1997/03/16)
1.2f :
Speed up by Compiling some functions to XFCNs. (1997/02/15)
1.2e :
Corresponds to a format containing CR within title tug, and a format with a plurality of body tug. Changes a method of cache-back list file (make a new list and a history list). (1997/02/07)
1.2d :
A bug of analysing FRAME tug is fixed. "lc.gif" is now only copied when a HTML file exists and "fully" is selected. (1997/01/10)
1.2c :
Setting preferences method is changed (setting card is added). In order to reduce memory size, some 'sort' commands are canceled. (1996/11/25)
1.2b :
2 bugs are fixed. Firat is that CacheBack does not set type/creater of local html file to TEXT/MOSS. Second is that some files remain in temporal folder forever. Both are fixed now. (1996/11/17)
1.2 :
A new function is added that assists the setting date and time field. Some new functions are added (analysing a Frame page, Java and JavaScript). A bug is fixed (appearing many "Real Link to This Page"). The function of "Tanaka's osax" is built in (now the osax is not nesessary). A new function is added to link-check old local cached files ("fully" mode only). A follow of local link to untitled page. (1996/11/11)
1.1d :
A bug is fixed that an infinity loop occurs when a file includes "<AREA HREF... >" tug.(1996/09/30)
1.1c :
Some bugs are fixed when some POO's stacks are used.(1996/08/21)
1.1b :
The POO's NetAgent sequencial mode is added. Add a new function that updating the field of date and time after "CacheBack" automatically. (1996/06/29)
1.0d5 :
Adds a new function to keep the relation between "CacheBackXX.html" and the localised folders and files.
A few bugs fix which occures when title is Japanese code, two same files is listed in the Cache log. Released on NIFTY-Serve (FINETAP).(1996/05/14)
Corresponds to titles written in Japanese code by "Tanaka's osax". (1996/05/09)
A few bugs fix which occures "Error:" when link is "ftp://" or "mailto:". (1996/04/26)
Corresponds to long URL over 31 characterst. Add a new type of analisys "none". (1996/04/09)
Released on NIFTY-Serve as first distribution (FINETAP). (1996/03/22)
Test version (not distributed).

Copyright ; 1996,2000 Shuji ONO (POO), All Rights Reserved.